Destination Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Intimate experiences

I'm Jeff

I document amazing couples around the world. Bustling cities, towering forests, and ocean waves all fill me with joy. I travel and explore new places with trailblazers who love life and each other. I never get distracted by generic wedding industry trends or artificial cliches. My work is modern, personal, and joyous.

Getting to know who you are is very important to me. I show you something new and wonderful about yourself, something you never knew existed. The story I tell is your story. It's about the intimate moments, perfect and imperfect, your adventures together, and the love that shapes you both.

Destination weddings and elopements give us the opportunity to connect on another level. I would be honored to find out what makes you both special and craft a unique vision for how to capture your story.


Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

Bedford, Texas 817.673.1463