Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

A personal approach

Why would you want photos that look like everyone else's? I come from a fine art background and add a storytelling approach to weddings. Think of it as fashion photography meets candid photojournalism. My process is relaxed, not stressful. I take the time to get to know who you are and never rely on cookie cutter formulas or trends. That way, you'll have eye catching photos that show off your own style.

For me, travel always makes things better. I love to explore with couples. Finding just the right backdrop and sharing in the creative process together, is so rewarding and fun for both of us! It also makes the story I tell even more meaningful.

The Process

  • Making sure we are a good fit.  It’s important that we have the same goals before you book me.
  • Meet in person (or through the wonders of technology) and get to know each other.  Preferably it’s over dinner, coffee, or cocktails.  I want to learn about each of you and your interests, family, favorite things, style, love story, and wedding plans.  We can get together as many times as you like.
  • Provide help with the planning and timeline of the day.  If it’s a destination wedding, I’m happy to do research and find the best locations.  I’ll work on your schedule and make sure we have plenty of time for everything.  I want to avoid stress and having to rush around.
  • On the big day, I’ll scout out the area and make sure we have the best backdrops for everything that’s happening.  I always arrive on time and with a positive attitude.
  • I’ll help guide you through the day.  I will do my best to keep you focused on enjoying the whole crazy experience (not worrying about everyone else).
  • I apply everything I’ve learned about you both.  Throughout the wedding I’ll highlight the things and people you love, and avoid the ones you don’t.
  • We’ll focus on keeping everything honest to who you are.  If you’re silly together, we will embrace the silly moments and keep things light.  If you’re a crier, I’m going to already know that and be ready to capture those tears in a beautiful way.  If you love being outdoors, let’s get out and find an epic natural backdrop.
  • Let you do your thing during the reception.  I like to be hands off during the reception and let you two enjoy the fun.  I’ll be there for every moment, but you probably won’t hear my voice.
  • I’ll follow up with some favorite photos a few days later.  When I’m all done, I’ll send you the full gallery online and your physical delivery should arrive soon after.

I'm a dreamer

Adventurous people and places inspire everything I do.

I live with my wife and two rescue pups deep in the heart of Texas. You can usually find us hanging out at home and watching Top Chef, Seinfeld, or a Dallas Mavericks game. We are also passionate about visiting new places and making friends. Maybe that's the reason I love photography. It constantly introduces me to new people.
Let's Connect
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Frequently asked questions


How would you describe your photographic "style?"

You might say my images fall somewhere between "fine art" and "Photojournalistic." I capture real moments and emotion, but always challenge myself to do so in a beautiful, artistic way. I then love adding fashion inspired portraiture to round things out. Bottom line, I find out what is you, and focus on making it shine.


What is the typical size of your weddings?

I can handle anywhere 2 to 2000 people. I love the intimacy of smaller weddings and the buzz of big ones. Either way, your story and vision is always my primary focus!


Do you photograph details?

Of course! What is important to you, is important to me. It's all about bringing out your personality in the details. I really love to capture your special items as you interact with them (Holding the bouquet, putting on your shoes or dress, pouring that special bottle of scotch).


How many images are delivered?

Each wedding is unique, but in general, engagement sessions are typically 100-250 images and weddings are 500-1000. I always air on quality over quantity and telling your story in a way that lets your personality shine through.


Do you take traditional “smile at the camera” photos?

Absolutely! There is definatly a place for those images. However, my primary focus is always on creating images that tell your story with emotion and creativity.


How many weddings do you take per year?

I only take 20-25 weddings per year in order to have time to build relationships and provide a high quality experience for each couple.