Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

A personal approach

You don't want photos that look like everyone else's. I don't want that either. Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen, shall we?

We'll start by not paying too close attention to all the cliches or things your aunt Edna thinks are most important. After all, she doesn't have your sense of style or attention to detail. You'll show me what makes you both special and I'll make sure it comes through loud and clear. In the end, you'll have images that feel personal and modern, but will remain timeless.

Finally, let's make sure to have fun and make it a day you'll never want to forget.

I'm a dreamer

Adventurous people and places inspire everything I do.

I currently live with my wife and two rescue pups deep in the heart of Texas. You can usually find us hanging out at home and watching Top Chef, Seinfeld, an old movie, or treating our dogs like children. We are also passionate about visiting new places and making friends. Figuring out what makes each couple unique is one of the biggest reasons why I love photography.
Let's Connect
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Frequently asked questions


How would you describe your photographic "style?"

You might say my images fall somewhere between "fine art" and "Photojournalistic." I capture real moments and emotion, but always challenge myself to do so in a beautiful, artistic way. I then love adding fashion inspired portraiture to round things out. Bottom line, I find out what is you, and focus on making it shine.


What is the typical size of your weddings?

I can handle anywhere 2 to 2000 people. I love the intimacy of smaller weddings and the buzz of big ones. Either way, your story and vision is always my primary focus!


Do you photograph details?

Of course! What is important to you, is important to me. It's all about bringing out your personality in the details. I really love to capture your special items as you interact with them (Holding the bouquet, putting on your shoes or dress, pouring that special bottle of scotch).


How many images are delivered?

Each wedding is unique, but in general, engagement sessions are typically 100-250 images and weddings are 500-1000. I always air on quality over quantity and telling your story in a way that lets your personality shine through.


Do you take traditional “smile at the camera” photos?

Absolutely! There is definatly a place for those images. However, my primary focus is always on creating images that tell your story with emotion and creativity.


How many weddings do you take per year?

I only take 20-25 weddings per year in order to have time to build relationships and provide a high quality experience for each couple.

"We were blown away! Everything was so perfect and everyone looked amazing. It was exactly what we were going for and we couldn't be happier with the results. All our guests loved the photos as well."